Steadfast Partners for Entrepreneurs in Information Technology

We provide entrepreneurs, business owners, and business operators in Information Technology with mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory services and agented private capital financing services to help acquire, grow, capitalize, or monetize their businesses.


A proven track record.

We bring a proven track record of transaction execution and business operations experience in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Enterprise Software, IT Services and Tech-Enabled Services.

Our team’s experience at leading Wall Street investment banks brings rigorous financial thinking to negotiate better outcomes for mid-market transactions. Our boutique M&A advisory experience brings the tactical thinking and extensive relationship network that drives successful outcomes.

Our experience as software entrepreneurs and turn-around operators in tech-enabled and IT services brings an understanding of key operating levers that drive value. For our clients, this provides a unique perspective that helps drive value creation and valuation expansion that only successful M&A can deliver.

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M&A Spotlights

TBP Spotlight – Descartes Acquires BestTransport

Descartes Acquires BestTransport Transaction Overview On August 21, 2019 Descartes Systems Group (NASDAQ:DSGX) announced its acquisition of, Inc. (BestTransport) which provide cloud based transport management system (TMS) solutions. BestTransport offers a full suite TMS but has developed extensive capabilities for flatbed-intensive manufacturers and distributors. The idiosyncrasies of flatbed shipping require a tailored approach for…


TBP Spotlight – Syncsort Acquires Pitney Bowes’ Software Solutions Business

Syncsort Acquires Pitney Bowes’ Software Solutions Business Transaction Overview On August 26, 2019, Syncsort, the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Pitney Bowes Software Solutions business. Pitney Bowes is a global technology company that offers products and solutions which enable commerce in…


TBP Spotlight – BC Partners Acquires Presidio, Inc.

BC Partners Acquires Presidio, Inc. Transaction Overview On August 14, 2019, North American IT solutions provider Presidio, Inc. announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by BC Partners for $2.1 billion, including Presidio’s net debt. Based on the terms of the transaction, Presidio’s shareholders will receive $16 per share, representing…


TBP Spotlight – Acquires ClickSoftware Acquires ClickSoftware Deal Financials Implied Enterprise Value ($m): $1,400.0 Transaction Overview On August 7, 2019, announced its acquisition of ClickSoftware Technologies, a global leader in AI-powered field-service and workforce management software provider headquartered in Burlington, MA. Salesforce began talks to acquire ClickSoftware in January 2019, but the deal was cancelled in late February…


More M&A Spotlights

OSF – Salesforce

Has received a growth equity investment from


Organized a growth equity financing syndicate

OSF is the leading Commerce Cloud consulting services provider on


AST Acquires Serene

Has acquired


Advised on a highly synergistic buy-side transaction

AST capabilities include:



Accelatis Sells to Datavail

Has been acquired by


On July 11, 2017 Datavail Corp announced its acquisition of Accelatis LLC.

Accelatis key APM offerings include:
Infrastructure management
Application monitoring
Performance testing and optimization
Process automation
System health checks


Amtel Sells to NetPlus

Has been acquired by


Advised Amtel in its sale to NetPlus, a PE backed platform

“You’ve been a valuable partner over the years and helped us accomplish a great outcome. I look forward to continuing our partnership in my next venture.” Pankaj Gupta – Founder, CEO



We are a boutique firm exclusively focused on Information Technology. This includes Enterprise Software, SaaS, Tech-Enabled Services, and IT Services. Our exclusive focus on these sectors allows us to develop and cultivate deep relationships with decision makers. This deep domain understanding further enables us to uniquely position our clients’ businesses to the different target sub-segments within the target markets.

We have developed a rigorous process with best practices that bring out the art and science of deal-making to generate exceptional results.


We ensure the best outcome by articulating the opportunity to the financial community in terms and frameworks that they need in order to evaluate the opportunity. This includes developing comprehensive financial models to forecast the business performance and articulate the value creation opportunity in detailed financial terms. Our approach enables our clients to get the best value and attract the right financial partners for the business. If the situation requires, we offer in-house investment capabilities as well.


We strategically participate in targeted buyouts and investments if we recognize an opportunity to add long-term value. We focus exclusively on Enterprise Software and IT Services businesses, where our technical expertise and access to capital enable us to contribute meaningfully and help realize long-term benefits. Our primary goal in this is to offer business continuity with long-term value creation.

Our Process

We customize our process to the unique circumstances of each engagement. We have been extremely successful in running broad auction processes (for sell-side) and reverse auction processes (for buy-side engagements). We have also helped our clients chart one-to-one negotiations with their ideal buyers and have been successful as a finder only to facilitate the conversation and step aside. We would welcome the opportunity of getting to know you and your specific situation to develop a customized process uniquely tailored for your situation.

Sector Focus

We are exclusively focused in Information Technology, and within Information Technology predominantly on Enterprise Software/SaaS, IT Services and Tech-Enabled Services in various verticals like HR/Benefits administration, Unified Communications, Public Sector IT, Mobility Management, CRM, ERP etc. We have deep relationships in these verticals and understand the nuances to position our clients for success.

Investment Focus

On a very selective basis, we do acquire or make equity investments from the firm’s balance sheet. We do not run a dedicated fund but have a tight knit network of investors and entrepreneurs who join us as co-investors or operators. Our primary criteria for making an investment or acquisition is that it be an opportunity where we can make a meaningful contribution, beyond just our capital, through our network and expertise in our target markets for long-term growth and profitability. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about the opportunities you are pursuing and how we can be most helpful.

Value Added Methodology

We add measurable value for our clients through our tracking and understanding of the market valuations and pockets of opportunities, our vast and deep relationship network in our target verticals and our flawless execution ability. It’s the art of making the deal which sets us apart which cannot be explained or taught but can clearly be measured.

Our client relationships begin in many different ways. Some of our best clients have reached out to us after failed attempts to successfully sell their company at their desired valuation. Others have been buy-side counter parties and engaged us after seeing us in action. And others subscribe to our market intelligence updates as a way to keep in touch and reach out to us when we can be helpful.

We are happy to be a sounding board and value the opportunity to hear what is on the minds of leaders and entrepreneurs in the markets we operate in.

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