Steadfast Partners for Entrepreneurs in Information Technology

We provide entrepreneurs, business owners, and business operators in Information Technology with mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory services and agented private capital financing services to help acquire, grow, capitalize, or monetize their businesses.



A proven track record.

We bring a proven track record of transaction execution and business operations experience in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Enterprise software, IT Services and Tech-Enabled Services.

Our team’s experience at leading bulge bracket Wall Street investment banks brings rigorous financial thinking that helps negotiate better outcomes for mid-market transactions. Our boutique M&A advisory experience brings the tactical thinking and extensive relationship network that drives successful outcomes.

Our experience as software entrepreneurs and turn-around operators in tech-enabled and IT services brings an understanding of key operating levers that drive value. For our clients, this brings a unique perspective that helps drive value creation and valuation multiple expansion that only successful M&A can deliver.


True Blue Partners is a different kind of investment bank.

We have been on every side of the table and bring those perspectives to provide sound advice and maximize value from a transaction. Our unique perspectives include:

  • Operators of bootstrapping operations
  • Raising equity capital and executing acquisitions
  • IPO
  • Raising debt capital for a pro-forma balance sheet and cash flow for buy side
  • Raising seed capital, Series A, Series B…
  • Sell side advisory
  • Secondary Offerings
  • Private placement syndications for high technology growth equity / pre-IPO financing