Steadfast Partners for Entrepreneurs in Information Technology

We provide entrepreneurs, business owners, and business operators in Information Technology with mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory services and agented private capital financing services to help acquire, grow, capitalize, or monetize their businesses.

IT Mergers & Acquisitions

IT Mergers & Acquisitions

We are a boutique firm exclusively focused on Information Technology. This includes enterprise software, SaaS, technology enabled services and IT services. Our exclusive focus on these sectors allows us to develop and cultivate deep relationships with decision makers. This deep domain understanding further enables us to uniquely position our clients businesses to the different target sub-segments within the target markets.

We have developed a rigorous process with best practices that bring out the art and science of deal making to generate exceptional results.


We ensure the best outcome by articulate the opportunity to the financial community in terms and frameworks that they need to evaluate the opportunity. This includes developing comprehensive financial models to be able to forecast the business performance and articulate the value creation opportunity in detailed financial terms. This approach enables our clients to get the best value and attract the right financial partners for the business. We have in-house investment capabilities as well.