Steadfast Partners for Entrepreneurs in Information Technology

We provide entrepreneurs, business owners, and business operators in Information Technology with mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory services and agented private capital financing services to help acquire, grow, capitalize, or monetize their businesses.


Our Process

We customize our process to unique situation of each engagement. We have been most successful in running broad auction processes (for sell-side) and reverse auction processes (for buy-side engagements). We have also helped our clients when they have been in a one-to-one negotiation with their ideal buyer and have been successful as a finder only to facilitate the conversation and step aside. We would welcome the opportunity of getting to know you and your specific situation to develop a customized process uniquely tailored for your situation.


Sector Focus

We are exclusively focused in Information Technology, and within Information Technology predominantly on enterprise software/SaaS, IT Services and technology enabled services in various verticals like HR/Benefits administration, Unified Communications, Public Sector IT, Mobility Management, CRM, ERP etc. We have deep relationships in this verticals and understand the nuances to position our clients for success.


Value Added Methodology

We add measurable value for our clients through our tracking and understanding of the market valuations and pockets of opportunities, our vast and deep relationship network in our target verticals and our flawless execution ability. Its the art of making the deal which sets us apart which cannot be explained or taught but can clearly be measured.