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Job Openings

Title: Quantitative Analyst

Job Description: Create informational materials from research to identify mergers and acquisitions trends for certain industries and market sectors and use historical data and statistical models to forecast future market trends.  Perform statistical analysis of event risk in deal execution. Gather financial records from the company that the client seeks to acquire or be acquired by and review them. Analyze the financial condition of the company by determining revenue growth rate, EBITDA growth rate, and the rate of customer acquisition.  Understand the structure of the company’s capitalization table (i.e. who currently has ownership in the company, which shareholders have voting rights, what stock options are on the books and what the fully diluted ownership may look like). Build mathematical models to analyze the pricing strategy of the company’s product or service, usually using a regression analysis to establish price elasticity.  Create mathematical models to understand the churn rate of the company’s customers and predict future churn. Build comprehensive financial models to project the company’s future cash flows for different scenarios. Value the company’s assets. Organize and run management meetings between client management team and short list of prospective buyers. Modelling and valuing instruments and criteria of offers made by buyers to determine transaction value.  Perform valuation analysis: use the client’s financial records and market information build a valuation range of what the company can expect to sell for on the market, stock or derivative values. Develop custom mathematical models and analytical tools for the company that accurately estimate the value of companies, stocks and derivative financial instruments to accurately value companies in the mergers and acquisitions process. Test and validate mathematical models.  Over time, develop a library of mathematical models that can be used in combination to predict stock and market performance and assess risk to accurately value companies for sale. The three methods used are (1) the value of publicly traded comparable companies, (2) the value of comparable historical transactions and (3) discounted cash flow valuation. Due diligence: manage the diligence process where buyer carries out financial, operational, and legal diligence, which is a required and highly technical step in the merger and acquisition process.  Research trends in the market including the technologies being developed and those being adopted. Determine the impact of new technologies on the market and on mergers and acquisitions trends. Conduct meetings between client management team and prospective buyers answering technical questions as necessary.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in finance, math, business administration, or a related field and two years of experience working as a financial analyst, a quantitative analyst, or as a data scientist.

Job Location: San Jose, CA

How to Apply: Please send a thoughtful cover letter outlining your interest and fit with the opening and a copy of your resume to Please include the Job Title in the subject of the email