Agile Network, Pantechnik, and ADSI are Merged to form Logistyx

Kidd & Company LLC and Mclarty Capital Partners
Agile, Pantechnik & ADSI merg logisty

Agile Network, Pantechnik, and ADSI are Merged to form Logistyx

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Transaction Overview

  • On May 30, 2017 Kidd & Company, together with McLarty Capital Partners, announced their recapitalization and merger of Agile Network, Pantechnik International, and Advanced Distribution Solutions to form Logistyx Technologies.
  • Agile Network CEO, Kevin Cox, will be the new CEO for the combined entity. Prior to joining Agile, Kevin was General Manager at UPS ConnectShip.
  • Pantechnik, ADSI, and Agile Network all provide enterprise multi-carrier shipping and compliance solutions through partnerships with ConnectShip.


Solving the Problem for Product Shippers through Transformative Shipping Solutions

  • The recent rise in dedicated shipping software is a direct result of the increase in parcel-level shipping through eCommerce. The traditionally manual processes of warehouse shipping are becoming increasingly complex with smaller shipment sizes and higher parcel volumes; most enterprises are now turning to more automated solutions.
  • Many traditional supply chain service providers are taking a tech-enabled approach to this opportunity by partnering with and white-labeling software providers
  • Despite this, a key pain point for high-volume shippers is still the persisting problem that most TMSs have always had- the ability to integrate with, or sit natively within, existing supply chain and ERP systems for seamless information availability, and truly streamlined and automated process execution.
  • Large enterprises that partake in high-volume shipping are beginning to invest heavily in transforming the outdated manual warehouse operations by implementing robust software solutions that enable real time visibility and intelligence to support their mission critical shipping activities.


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